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Quick DIY Chalkboard Tutorial

Monday, July 5, 2010

We love our chalkboard in the kitchen area to write love notes, reminders, etc on.

I thought I would give you all a quick, easy tutorial on how I made it on a quick Sunday afternoon.

Found some gorgeous frames at a garage sale.  Garage Sales are always the best deals because people just want to get rid of the stuff.  I have always had trouble with Estate Sales wanting too much for their stuff.  I loved how elegant these were.  I knew they would make wonderful chalkboards.

I first took out the canvas matte it had.
At my trusty and favorite Home Depot, I pick up the following supplies:
(1) Masonite Board to fit the frame opening.  They were generous to cut it for me
(2) Chalkboard Paint (they offer spray, but I feel better with the brush on kind)
(3) Plastic Liner for the ground
(4) Spray paint (color of your choice for the frame)
(5) Foam brushes

I brushed on several coats of the chalkboard paint and let it dry.

I first spray painted the frame black on most of the areas that I wanted it to show through.  Let it dry.

After letting the black dry, I put some vaseline on areas that I wanted the black to show through the red.  Mainly on the corners.  I then spray painted the frame red and let it dry.

Once all pieces were dry, I put the masonite in the fram and attached with a few tiny nails.  Here is the finished product

Sorry, but all the pictures were taken with my iPhone, so might not be the best clarity.

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