Enzo's First Easter

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I showed a preview yesterday of our Easter weekend from my iPhone.  Here is a better view from my camera of how we spent Sunday.

After church we took a few pictures before getting comfy.

The ladies with Enzo (me, Matt's mom, Matt's grandmother and my brother-in-law's girlfriend)
The men...(Matt's brother and father)
I never got a good picture of Enzo dressed up smiling that I liked.  Once we were done with the group pictures, it was just me trying to get him to smile.  He wouldn't even look at the camera.  Such a busy body!
Matt's brother is a restaurant manager in Manhattan, so he is always our bartender and always makes a special drink for the occasion.  Sunday's special drink was Prosecco with Plum Puree (I am sure he had a clever name for it, but it has slipped my mind).

Here is a collage of more snaps from Sunday.

Here is a nice one of me and my little man...

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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