State Flower - Our Bluebonnet Picture Experience

Monday, April 15, 2013

Texas' state flower is the bluebonnet, and a treasured picture for everyone each year.

During this time, you will often find families parked on the side of major highways taking pictures in the bluebonnets. 

We are very lucky to have a neighbor that has bluebonnets every year.  It is so nice to walk and take as many pictures you like.  Worked out good, since I took some Saturday and wasn't happy so tried again Sunday.

Here are some of my favorites from last night with my 9 month old.  Did I mention that already?  Enzo is 9 months old now!  Time flies by!  He looks 2 in these pictures :(

Also, I will make note of lessons I learned from Saturday to Sunday.

    1. Sunlight can be your biggest enemy with pictures.  The best time to shoot is before 10am (or before the sun is fully up in the sky) and after 6.  I found 6-6:30pm to be the perfect for me.
    2. Many of the families on the side of the road are taking pictures in the middle of the day.  The main thing that you get with those pictures is squinty eyes.
    3. A cloudy day is a perfect day for outdoor picture, keep that in mind.
    4. In my pictures the sun was setting to the right of us and at 6pm it drops behind some trees. 

Lens Focus:
  1. I am not the best photographer, I really don't know much about my camera and mainly shoot on automatic.  I found that I had trouble on Saturday getting the lens to focus on Enzo, not the flowers.
  2. Whether the flowers were in front or behind, my camera seemed to want to focus on them.  Strange.
  3. I had to be patient and make sure he was in focus before snapping away.
  4. I found it best to start out really close to him, then step back.

  1. I think the less distraction in the background, the better.
  2. Notice Moxie photo-bombing this one?

Get Creative:
  1. Get creative with your shots.  Zoom in close, focus on other things, etc.

Snapshot in Time:
  1. Don't spend too much time combing hair and wiping faces.
  2. The drool on Enzo's chin provides a snapshot in time.  This was him, eating the flowers, and I will not forget it :)

Shoot Fast:
  1. With such a short window, shoot fast.
  2. I don't think you need to spend too much time anyway.  Takes the fun out of it.
  3. I spent about 15 mins max.
  4. Here you can see how it is getting darker.

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