An Amazing Gift of Many Future Fun-Filled Memories

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I will try and not make this too wordy.  I babysat for this amazing family for 10+ years.  Kate, their first-born was just a few months old when I started watching her.  She was the best baby I had ever had.  She was so verbal and so expressive.  Her mom, Elizabeth was/is an amazing mom and had everything fool proof for me.  She made an easy/fun job even easier!  My love of photography really starting with photographing Kate.  Who doesn't love babies?!?!

Here is a picture of Kate that I took and have always loved.  Her eyes were always killer.

About 3 or so years later, came Will.  The little brother with the same killer eyes.  They were the perfect pair and a blast to be with.

Here is a favorite that I took of Will about the same age of Kate above.
As I am writing this post, I feel like I could go on and on with the funny and very memorable memories I have had and will always cherish, but I will try to get to the point.
But first, just one more mention....
When Matt and I got engaged, I knew the perfect flower girl and ring bearer :)  Here is a picture from our wedding.
So, Kate and Will are much older now.  Kate will soon be 13!  Teenager!  My oh my.
As they are now older, they don't use their wooden playset anymore, so their mom asked me if we wanted it for Enzo and his future sibling(s).  Of course we did!

Several months later, we have finished installing it securely in our backyard, re-staining it, adding a slide and little swing for Enzo.

Enzo loves his swing!
Not the best picture (Enzo's face is blurry) but he is one proud babe.
Just this weekend, I found a note from Kate and Will's family, after 3 or so months in our backyard, I am just seeing this.  It brought me to tears.
I so look forward to many many years of Enzo and future babies playing on this playset.  It has been well-loved by a family that we very much love.

Thank you dearly, Fuller Family.  We love you guys very much!

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