Our Weekend

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A little late posting this, but here are some pics from our weekend.
Still trying to get a picture of me and Enzo that I love.  I have yet to find one that he is looking, not to mention smiling, and I am happy with my fat self (still trying to loose the baby weight).
Friday night, Matt had plans with the guys to go to the Car Show, so my mom came over and hung out with me and Enzo for a little bit.  Gave me some help so that I could make some more baby food.  This is Enzo eating some chicken soup :).  He loves to bite the spoon now that he has his bottom teeth.

Saturday morning Moxie had a 7am grooming appointment, so I loaded up the boy and we dropped off Moxie and were home in time to watch the sunrise together.  Such a perfect morning.

It was 80 degrees for us here in Texas and we were soaking up the sun!

We had an engagement party on Saturday and Enzo did really well.  On the way home, he crashed.  Such a good babe.

Sunday we cleaned up, here is my little helper...

We have finally finished our mudroom, another post another day....

Wearing green for St. Patrick's Day!  Lots of kisses for this boy, no shirt needed :)
Sunday evening my bestest friend Lauren, who lives in San Antonio came over with her crew.  She has a 5 yr old daughter and twin girls that will be 2 in May.  One of the twins is our godchild, Enzo is Lauren's...  Love that.

Hope yall had a great weekend!

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