Our Weekend

Monday, March 11, 2013

This weekend was so nice spending it together as a family.  We did lots of projects around the house that were much needed.  The list isn't completed yet, but in due time.

Here are some pics from our weekend:

As mentioned in my previous post, we met some friends for dinner at Pappadeaux's Friday night.

Enzo did really good, as usual.
Enzo apparently slept really hard at nap time because he woke up with crazy hair!

We spent a lot of time at home, playing and laughing.

 We upgraded our washer and dryer and the new set was delivered on Saturday morning.  Enzo loves them! :)

 I washed and put away all of Enzo's little baby things.  He is growing way too fast.  Here is a picture of his swings and bouncer that he won't sit in anymore.  Very sad for me to see them go up in the attic.

 There is that crazy hair again!

 Sunday night was a very cold night, so it was the perfect excuse for one last fire.
 As I mentioned earlier, Enzo is growing way too fast.  He has been upgraded to sitting in the tub all my himself.  So big!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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