Tracking Enzo's Growth

Monday, March 25, 2013

I have fond memories of my mother marking my height on the door jam of where she worked.  It was so fun to look at where I was at a certain age.  When we moved, it was sad that we couldn't continue that in the same door jam.

I had seen a lot of pins on Pinterest on how to make your own growth ruler.  I had every intention to make one.  Every intention....  Which Matt's family coming in town for Easter I desperately wanted to get it done.  Then I saw some on Etsy.  For me, the price was right and I went ahead and purchased one.

You can find this exact ruler by GraceWordsbyMelanie on Etsy.

I think for the amount, it was so worth it for me.  It saved me time, quality is better than I probably could have done and it probably would have cost me the same in the end.

I got it in the mail last week and we hung it up this weekend.  It is just as I wanted!  I love it!

I can't wait to chart Enzo's growth and his future siblings. 

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