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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My mom and I are originally fom East Texas, so all our extended family is down there.  My mom makes a trip down about every 2-3 weeks, so Enzo and I like to join when we can.

The newest addition to the family is my cousin's daughter, Grace (one month old).  So funny how quickly you forget how little they are!

This was before leaving Saturday morning.  I just love this adorabe oufit from Old Navy.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend...  Since Matt is traveling for work, we were able to facetime him :)

My mom on the right with Grace and her sister on the left with Enzo.
Tiny Grace.
My Uncle facetime'n with Matt.
Snuggles on the bed with Uncle Gerald and Rivers.
My grandmother will be 94 in another month.  Love when they hold hands :)
On the way home Enzo started to get bored, so I hopped in the backseat to entertain him.  His blue eyes, just kill me.  Who would have thought that two brown-eyed people would have this blue-eyed looker!

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